We need your help!

In order to make this possible we’re going to need your help. Over the last year our different teams have mostly been out of use – we will need stewards, welcome team, Discovery Kids team, tech operators and worship team. If you’re able to help serve in someway, please drop us a message below and we’ll be able to direct you to the correct team leader for that ministry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Will Safeguarding still be prioritised at Life Church?

    Safeguarding is of primary importance at Life church, there will be no compromises in any of our safeguarding policies or procedures.

    2. What will the services be like moving forward?

    Services will be a new hybrid and will be different from anything we have done before. We are planning to run a short family celebration from 10:30am, and this will not be filmed, as a safeguarding measure. Then from 11am there will be an adult stream alongside Discovery Kids and Limitless Youth services. These will be approximately an hour long.

    3. Will we still have a live stream service?

    Our Sunday morning adult service will still be streamed live from the building at 11am, and the Discovery Kids stream will still be on YouTube from 10:30am.

    4. Will I need to pre-book to come to Church Services?

    During the months of July and August we will limit numbers and will require people to book a place to attend a service, we are hoping this will not be necessary beyond then. Places can be requested via the website, or the church office.

    5. Will Discovery Kids and Limitless Youth still be running?

    We plan to run Discovery Kids and Limitless youth from July. The groups are likely to be different age ranges from previous groups.

    6. Will a creche facility be available?

    Yes, a parent led creche facility will be available.

    7. Will we have two services?

    Initially, we will reopen with just one Sunday morning service, and a short family celebration (see No. 2). The early service is something we will review later in the year.

    8. Will we be able to sing?

    We are hoping that it will be safe to sing again by the time we are gathering in the building. The government are yet to confirm exactly what measure will be in place, we simply know that most restrictions will be eased.

    9. Will we be required to wear masks and socially distance?

    Initially we think social distancing and masks will be required, but we expect these requirements will change in the summer alongside government advice.

    10. Can we come to the front for prayer?

    There will be a designated area for people to receive prayer following Sunday services.

    11. Will Tea and Coffee be served?

    We are planning to serve refreshments at services as soon as possible. This will be after the service.

    12. Will there be a separate entry and exit?

    Initially we expect to manage the flow of people with a simple one way system.

    13. Will stewards be directing people?

    Yes, and we hope to grow our stewarding team to support people through this transition.

    14. Will the Church have to abide by Covid passports?

    We have not been given any information on if Churches will be required to have checks on certification on vaccines etc. We will bring this in if we have to, or if it allows more people to gather in our building.

    15. What is our view on people who have not taken the vaccine?

    Please remember that we are a diverse community and value everyone and their right to choose whether they take the vaccine or not. We especially value the unity we share together in Christ.

    16. Will there be any restrictions on children running around and how will this be managed?

    Children will always be welcomed at Life Church and we strive to support both parents and children. We ask people to be aware that children will be welcomed into the building, and we will not be enforcing any extra expectations on them. However, we do expect parents to be aware that there will also be vulnerable, and anxious people in the building and to take extra efforts to keep children close by, especially as we first gather again.

    17. If I don’t want to be filmed, how can you ensure I do appear on any streaming services?

    There will be areas of the building that will not appear on the live stream.

    18. Will we be able to use the toilets?

    You will be able to use the toilets, and antibacterial wipes will be provided for safety.